Which category to chose?

  • Hello,

    I need advices.

    When we have a credit card account and the money is taken one time a month on another account.

    Which category should have to use for the monthly payment:

    - On the credit card account

    - On the girokonto account

    The goal is that 2 operations are not really categorized as outcome and income, because the outcomes are already categorized at the level of each credit card operation.

    In the same type of problem, if I decide to transfer money from one personal account to another personal account.

    What should be the best category to use.

    Thank you in advance for your advices.

  • Hello,

    I'll try to answer (English is not my best knowledge).

    If you get the monthly payment via credit card account the category should be the girokonto account. If you get the sum via onlinebanking for you girokonto account the category should then be the creditcard account. Prinicipally, you change money from you girokonto account to the creditcard account.

    This way should be possible in Finanzblick (I only knew this program two years ago - but I could categorize like my proposal).

    Have a nice weekend